How do I upgrade/downgrade my hosting account or other service?

You can upgrade/downgrade your hosting package at any time*.  The steps are as follows:

1)  While logged into your private client area, click on SERVICES > My SERVICES

2)  Find the hosting plan or service that you wish to amend in the list and click on the domain or package name or the MANAGE PRODUCT > button.  (blue button in the extreme right column).  The details about that service will now be displayed to you.

3)  If an upgrade/downgrade is available, one of the options listed at the right side of the page will be UPGRADE/DOWNGRADE.  Click on this.

4)  You can now select the new service you wish to change to.  Complete the checkout process.

Any credits due to you on your account for unused time which you have paid for, or any extra pro-rata charges you need to make for the upgrade will automatically be worked out and shown as any payment you need to make.  

There are no refunds on downgrading services. 

If you wish to downgrade an account you should do it at the very latest 30 days prior to it's anniversary renewal date and before the renewal invoice is raised.

*If the invoice has already been raised you will not be able to upgrade or downgrade your account.  You will need to pay it.

However, if the invoice raised is for an annual service, the invoice can be amended from annual to monthly, as per our normal processes detailed here, from 30 days before and up to 10 days past the invoice due date.  There is a one off admin fee of £5 for this service. 

If the invoice is overdue, late fees which have already incurred cannot be revoked.

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