Account Ownership and Transfer Procedure

(or your maiden name to your married surname)

You are likely to have come to this page because you want to, or have attempted to update the name/email address or company name details on your client account. Please read this article to understand why you have been forwarded here and how you can achieve what you want to do:

  • If you are continuing as the account holder for your client account, and simply wish to change your email address (or your maiden name) and you are NOT transferring ownership to a third party then please request that change by clicking here. You can change address details at any time (if you have moved house) here.

  • If you are looking to pass legal and financial ownership and obligations of all, or part of your account to a third party, (individual domains/hosting accounts) then please read below.  Thank you.


Under data protection laws and also for the legal and financial protection of customers who are 'moving on' but leaving their domains and hosting accounts to the management of another person or company, this is the process on how to pass that ownership to a new party.  

GodsWeb takes the view that this MUST be done for the ultimate protection of ourselves AND for the 'losing' account holder.

There is therefore a procedure for transferring legal ownership of a hosting account/domain, or an entire client account to a third party as a going concern.   This procedure MUST be followed in all circumstances and without exception.

  • The new account holder must be a registered GodsWeb customer.
  • If they are not, they should register and open their own client account FREE of CHARGE here first.


Submit your transfer OUT request here


Once a new account holder has opened their client account, they should submit a transfer IN request here

Once both parties have provided the required details AND they match in their requests, we will issue the transfer fee invoice and set the process in motion.  This can normally be processed on the same day, or within 24 hours.

NB:  A hosting account and any domain name(s) linked to that hosting account will also be moved.
Hosting accounts and domains which are linked to that hosting account cannot be split across different owners.
In the case of domain ownership, this process does not constitute a 'sale or transfer' of a domain.  This must be done through the relevant registrars directly.   The only thing that is transferring is the management and renewal of a domain through GodsWeb's accounting and DNS system. In other words, this process must not be viewed in any way as an escrow service.

In the case where multiple accounts are to be transferred, this process must be completed for each individual hosting account or the 'Entire account transfer option' can be selected during the transfer process.

NOTE: If you cannot locate or communicate with the current account holder (for whatever reason), please read this.

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