My order has just been cancelled as 'flagged for review'. Why? and what can I do about it?

If you use a free email address provider to sign up to GodsWeb, we are sorry, but your order will not be able to be paid immediately.

Instead it will be placed 'on hold for manual review'.  You will then be contacted by GodsWeb staff to advise.

Sadly, free email providers are the only email providers used by fraudsters and this is an increasing problem online for companies like ourselves who process credit/debit card payments.  They are untraceable and ALL fraud orders received by Godsweb over the past 10+ years have all (without exception) been by people using free email providers.  We understand that this  is probably not the case in most situations, but sadly it has cost GodsWeb a lot of money in fraudulent orders and chargebacks by credit card companies, so we lose both ways.  (We have to pay for the services (domains etc), and we lose the money and pay a chargeback fine as well).

Fraud costs a lot of money.

Over the years we have used telephone order verification services and other anti-fraud measures, but none have proved reliable.  Because of this, sadly, we must  insist that anyone signing up for our services uses a proper email address or wait for our staff to manually review the order. 

There are two types of proper email address and everyone who is a legitimate customer will have one.

1)  An email address provided by your ISP.  (ie the company which provides your connection to the internet.  Broadband or Dial-Up service)
2)  An email address linked to a purchased domain name. (ie a company, church, work or personal website domain)


There is usually only a very short delay in the process of manual approval.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but trust you understand.  Thank you.

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