Why do you have a service charge?

While none of us like increased cost and inflation, it is sadly a fact of life and must be addressed.

Like most (all) companies we face increasing costs. ?The way most companies cover these costs year on year is to apply a percentage increase across the board on their wide range of services and products. ?This in effect is unfair on those who pay the most. ?(They face the highest increases).

So, at Godsweb we are transoarent in that we apply a service charge percentage to an invoice (where that % decreases the higher the invoice is).

This not only means that customers who pay for single large services, but also those that have multiple smaller products, can use our CREDIT ACCOUNT facility to lodge credit into their account, and decrease the service charge.

So while the increase is always there, if managed well, using the service charge system it is possible to limit how much it impacts you as an individual customer.
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