Have your servers blocked my IP address? I cannot access my cPanel, my emails or my website.


It is absolutely essential nowadays that professionally run servers have in-built firewalls which are configured to block the IP address of any suspected attempts to gain access to websites, databases, FTP, cPanel and mailservers. While this is essential and good for your peace of mind it could also work against you.

ie, you are setting up an email client and cannot remember the password, and repeatedly you find yourself entering the wrong password.  This is interpreted as a hacker attempting to access your mailbox and the connecting IP will be blocked.

This could find you very well blocked by the server firewall.  So after just a few attempts, it's not an incorrect password that is preventing you from gaining access, but our server firewall may have blocked you, thinking you are a hacker.

In such instances, you no longer need to contact us for support.  You can now check if the server has banned your IP address, AND you can remove the block instantly and easily.

Here's how it works:  
Access the tool while logged into your GodsWeb client area, under (top right button) MY ACCOUNT > UNBLOCK IP 

This is the page it will take you to:  https://mygodsweb.co.uk/clients/index.php?m=unblockip

Our system will log your IP and pre-fill it into the search box .  Click 'CHECK for IP BLOCK and REMOVE'   If your IP is blocked, it will be removed automatically.   You should find yourself back to normal and viewing your websites/emails within 5 minutes.  (Please remember to clear your browser cache as well).  In fact, as soon as you login to your client area using the IP address that is blocked, our system will cross reference the firewall immediately and remove your IP on any of our servers immediately (just because you are a validated and logged in GodsWeb customer).


1)  ask them to go along to www.whatsmyip.com and to send you the IP address shown on that page.

2)  While logged into your client account, click on SUPPORT > UNBLOCK IP ADDRESS.

3)  Enter your clients IP address (by deleting your own which will be pre-filled)


5)  If the IP is blocked, it will be unblocked and your client will be able to access the server again.

Fast, Smple, Effective and Secure!   Enjoy

TIP:  Don't forget to change logins for ALL devices that are connecting to your account.  ie, you may have your mac/pc configured, but if your phone is connecting using the wrong login information, that will block your IP for all machines (even if they have correct logins).

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