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SpamExperts provides enterprise level spam filtering in the email security industry. To protect our clients, we have installed a hardware based spam firewall on this infrastructure. This means (for any accounts which have activated it), all email sent to you will need to pass through our SpamExperts servers before hitting your mailbox, ensuring maximum security and protection is provided to our clients.

The SpamExperts panel has been dynamically integrated into the cPanel control panel, so you are able to tweak your settings and access the logs of mail flowing into your account.

In this article you will be shown how to access the SpamExperts control panel. Further links will be provided at the end of the tutorial to articles specific to the features in SpamExperts.




Step 1: SpamExperts in cPanel

From your cPanel control panel, click on the "Spam Experts Filter" icon, under Mail. Or search for this in the searchbar.

The next page will load and scan for any domains you have under your account.


Step 3: Login to SpamExperts

If you have a licence for multiple domains receiving email under your account, they will be listed here.

Press the login button to proceed the to the SpamExperts control panel.


Step 3: SpamExperts

A new window/tab will open up with the SpamExperts control panel.   (This assumes you have actually added and paid for SpamExperts on your hosting account).

There are many features to the SpamExperts control panel. Listed below are links to feature specific articles.



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