I cannot transfer my domain to another registrar because they are telling me it is locked?

 We maintain several registry-level locks on all domains at all times for your security. When running a WHOIS search, you will notice the following statuses for all active domains:


The following status will only be set when your domain is locked via your account:


The status of "clientTransferProhibited" is the registry status for a domain that cannot be transferred.

All of the other statuses listed above will not prevent a domain from being transferred to a different registrar. Some registrars incorrectly believe that only a status of "ok" allows transfers to occur. THIS IS NOT CORRECT.   Only a status of "clientTransferProhibited" prevents transfers. Therefore, if you are trying to move a domain to a different registrar, and they tell you it is locked, check to make sure that "clientTransferProhibited" is not set for the domain. So long as that one status is not set, that means the domain can be transferred.

Get Lock Status Directly From ICANN
Per the paragraph above, since so many registrars do not operate at this same level, they incorrectly identify lock status, we have provided a link below for your reference to get the official WHOIS record for any domain. Simply go to http://www.internic.net/whois.html, enter the domain in question, and the click the "Submit" button. The subsequent page will include any registry-level statuses applied to the domain.

Again, so long as a status of "clientTransferProhibited" is not set, that means the domain is unlocked and can be transferred.

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