I want to move my website to GodsWeb. What is the process?

We've made moving to us as simple and as pain free as possible. If the steps below are followed correctly you should find you suffer little, or in most cases, no downtime of your site and email.

Assuming you have completed your order and have your hosting account set up with us, here's what happens next:

1)  Your hosting account will be set up and you will receive 2 welcome emails.   (1 email if you already are a GodsWeb client)

i) the first welcome email will be for your new hosting account control panel.
ii) the second welcome email will be for your online account manager login. (this is simply where you contact support, view and pay invoices etc).

2) In the first welcome email, as well as your control panel login details, you will also be given FTP details and a temporary url.

3) Simply upload your site (to the public_html folder) and check out how it looks by going to the temporary url in your browser.

4) Configure and setup any email accounts in the control panel. (remember, if you use the '' incoming and outgoing mailserver settings, your email client (outlook, outlook express etc) will fail to be able to login to any mailboxes at this stage as your domain is still hosted on another server with the 'old' company. So use the IP addresses given in the welcome email for testing purposes. As soon as your domain has moved to our servers, you should change to the setup.

5) Once you are happy that your site is working, (by viewing your site using the temporary url) simply change the nameservers of your domain to ours, as per the first welcome email. If you transferred your domain to us, you can change the domains nameservers by logging in to your client area (, clicking on DOMAINS, then selecting the MANAGE DOMAIN button beside the domain you wish to change the nameservers on. On the next page, enter the nameservers and click SAVE CHANGES. Thats it

Once the nameservers are changed on your domain, servers across the internet have to update their DNS records with your domain's new DNS information. Most ISP's do this once every 24 hours, so after 24-48 hours you should find your domain moves across from your old hosting company to the site you uploaded on our servers. As long as you created relevant mailboxes (in step 4 above) all email addressed to your domain will be picked up by our mailserver, waiting for you to login and read them. If there are any issues you are unclear about or need help with, please don't hesitate to either ask us by submitting a query to our support staff. We are here to help and assist in any way we can.

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