Why do you charge extra for each individual reseller hosting account?

There are two types of reseller options on the web:   Flat fee and Fixed Fee 

FLAT FEE  (or what we prefer to call the variable fee)
We know of other companies who offer Reseller Plans at a flat fee.  Eg, £29.99 and who say they do not charge per extra hosting account.   That leads to all sorts of problems and quality in the service they provide.....and there's even more to worry about.  See more below:

We know of customers who have signed up for one of these 'flat fee' reseller plans with other companies and who have not had to pay extra for their initial hosting accounts.  However, once they have become successful, and have many hosting accounts on the servers, they have been approached by the company and told that they will have to up their price from the £29.99 and begin charging £200 and even £300+ per month.

How you view this, is up to you.  The reseller however often finds themselves between a rock and a hard place.  Depending on how they have structured their business and pricing, they face an impossible task to move all of their clients hosting accounts/emails/databases and so they either swallow it and pay the new price or they have to close down their customer's hosting accounts and close down their reseller business.  We have seen this happen again and again.

It is better to know this information BEFORE you become involved with a host.

If you do not want to become a 'victim' of this, you should choose the scaleable and fair FIXED FEE reseller option of GodsWeb.  Or, ask your flat fee reseller if they can guarantee that you will never be asked to pay more than their flat fee, and ask for it in writing.  (We suspect you will find it almost impossible to get it).

We charge £19.99 per month for a Reseller licence - FIXED.  Then (as example) it's just £12.99 per year for a £108.39 per year hosting account.

You ALWAYS know what your prices are going to be and your business is secure, scalable and it works for us and for our resellers.  That's the fair way and the only moral way we would do business.

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