Do you offer telephone support?


For pre-sales queries, contact is made via the CONTACT PAGE.

For customer support, customers login to their private client area (validating themselves as account holders in the process) and then raise support tickets.?


I hear and I forget; I SEE and I remember; I DO and I understand.

We prefer to concentrate on the SEEING and DOING rather than the hearing. For those interested in the detail......more information is below.

This is one of the most frequently requested questions from new customers who are perhaps a little unsure and unused as yet, to using a professional ticket based support system. Our existing customers love it, (and have done for almost 20 years) and therefore we see no reason to change, especially when you consider the proven facts about telephone support below:


1. Telephone support is ineffective, costly, and time consuming. Research shows it takes 3-5 times longer to rectify support issues over the phone (not taking into account telephone queue systems and assuming the call is answered immediately). We don't have to validate your security details each and every time you need to contact us - which also takes time and in itself can be insecure. (See point 5 below).

2. Our support team work much faster and are much more productive for YOUR benefit using a ticket support system. (Customers are also able to specify the urgency of the support request at ticket creation, which means you are not in a telephone queue behind someone with a simple query while your CRITICAL support request has to wait). A highly effective system which escalates these urgent matters directly to server techs and bypasses standard support technicians. (Even after normal working hours).

3. The time/customer service ratio demands of telephone support puts pressure on companies and usually means that companies who offer telephone support generally employ 'robots' who work through a prompted computer system and generally have little or no serious knowledge of server setups or your specific requirements. ?Or the company is so small (one or two people) with a small customer base and so can concentrate on personal relationships - but you lose out on the benefits of scale that being part of a larger company can bring re services and costings. ?At GodsWeb you will find each member of staff is a professional with years of direct experience in the industry, and/or typically a 1st class honours degree graduate in computer science/programming etc. It is they who will be handling even the most minor of your support queries, quickly and effectively.

4. We do not wish our customers to be left holding on to telephone calls while we deal with other customers queries. Your time is precious and so is your money. Don't spend time and money on the phone. Login to your support desk, log the call and WE WILL be onto it (usually immediately) to source the problem. We will come back to you within minutes (usually), unless of course we have to research the problem.....which again means you are not left holding on to a phone playing annoying music and/or advertising things you REALLY don't need. If it is going to take some investigation, you will be contacted with a personal confirmation from one of our tech team that your issue is under investigation. You can then relax and go about your 'other important business' while we look into your issue.

5. We sometimes need to pass code, usernames and passwords or other important security information to you. In our opinion, this cannot (should not) be done verbally. Not only can it lead to mistakes, but is security vulnerable. So the ticket system, gives you a secure environment to access this information, a record via email AND logs the ticket reply for you to refer to securely at any time 24/7 in the future.?? Not offering telephone support means we can do something once, and it is recorded.? Imagine answering the same questions over and over and over again, either to different people or to the same person, because they asked it last month and forgot it.? With support tickets, you have the answer at your disposal for review, again and again, with no cost.? Much more sensible.

6. Security means that only our customers have access to their private accounts/support area AND we conduct ALL business (including support tickets) in a secure and encrypted environment. So there are no eavesdroppers picking up vital information about your account.

Our support system works fantastically well, and our customers soon come to know it, if/when they need to contact us. A support system with REAL benefits....for ALL!

It may be blunt, but if you still feel you require a hosting company that offers telephone support, GodsWeb is probably not the hosting company for you.

If you would rather make telephone calls, go through telephone menus, listen to options, be told what number you are in the queue and listen to adverts or 'on-hold' music, and forget in a month what you were told, because it's not recorded in your own private knowledge area, GodsWeb does not put its customers through this.

Rather, GodsWeb is a company that seeks to 'get the job done', fast, and business-like. To achieve this, we prefer to act on the proven, fast and secure support system above, which has worked for 20 years, for our, and our customers benefit.

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