Direct Debit Returns as a payment option (GoCardless)

? Two and a half years after we had to remove Direct Debit from our payment gateway options, due to technical difficulties with their system at that time, we are delighted to announce, we are re-introducing it.This allows organisations and individuals without credit or debit cards to make payments using only their bank account details, with the ... Read More

September 15, 2015
Customer Loyalty Rewards.......and much more

Over the past month we have implemented some new features and services for our customers. ?This has led to other 'operational' changes which are being phased in over the next 30 days. ?We realise with the speed of implementation and the number of new features it can be difficult to keep up - so the following is a brief outline with links to more ... Read More

September 11, 2015
Smart Currency Conversions

With the global reach of GodsWeb increasing year on year, we have added more currency choices to our shopping cart.Now, as well as British Sterling, and Euro and US Dollars (added 2 years ago), we have now added Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Dollars.Further, when you are in the shopping cart on the site, you will automatically see the ... Read More

September 1, 2015