Virus Scanner FREE for 30 days and Special Time Limited Offer

  If you login to your hosting control panel today, you will see a new product called VIRUS SCANNER in the Security section.  This product protects your website from brute force attacks and also has a built in virus and suspicious file scanner.  This product is normally £50 per year, but as part of our 20th Birthday celebrations (12th July) ... Read More

June 5, 2019
Running Wordpress? - you should be doing this.....

If you run a wordpress website, you know how powerful it is as a content management system for updating and keeping your website 'alive' and fresh.  But, being the world's most popular website builder, it is also the most 'attacked' and vulnerable.   However, there are also a number of great plugins which you can use to protect your website ... Read More

June 4, 2019
Unique: Truly Reliable Email Service - now ACTIVE

        Sick and tired of your emails not being delivered due to ‘blacklists’? Blacklisted IP addresses on shared hosting is the number one cause for mail delivery issues and is a common problem for shared hosts.   Once an IP address has been blacklisted, it can take several days for the block to be lifted, meaning email fails ... Read More

June 4, 2019
New Backup Services and more about GodsWeb

THE HIGHLY ACCLAIMED AND AWARD WINNING ACRONIS BACKUP IS NOW AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE ON ALL CUSTOMER'S cPANEL HOSTING ACCOUNTS Long term customers will not be surprised by this announcement.  We have a long history of  going over and above the 'norms' of web hosting.   We'll not mention any names, but you know who they are (including ... Read More

June 1, 2019
Major Hardware and Software Upgrades Completed

We are delighted to inform you that all of our customer's websites are now running on high end state of the art servers with RAID 10 redundancy on brand new 100% SSD Samsung servers - located in London Docklands UK.  Watch your websites fly. With failsafe isolation in place (so that your websites will not be affected by others which hog ... Read More

May 21, 2019
Website forms and server email need SMTP authentication

PHP mail () function is used to send mail through application script or contact forms. However, PHP mail function is one of the vulnerable functions on a server and can be used to send a bulk mail which causes server IP blacklisting/Server performance issues. Therefore PHP mail function is disabled on our shared servers.An alternative option for ... Read More

March 31, 2019
A Simpler, Faster, Cleaner, Quicker GodsWeb

With the rapid expansion of services we provide, we have now made our website much - well, (as it says), simpler, faster, cleaner and quicker for you to navigate. ? We know, few of us like change, but everything you have become used to is exactly the same - same place, same processes etc - but just quicker and cleaner. ?We hope you enjoy.

March 12, 2019
What does VPN do and why should you use one?

With the decline in online privacy and increasing number of cyber attacks, internet users feel the need to learn how to protect themselves when going online.   More and more people are discovering the benefits of virtual private networks. (VPN's) However, if you don't have a VPN yet and are wondering what it does or how it works, you have ... Read More

September 5, 2018
SiteLock available for free to all GodsWeb customers

When you run a website, it is very often the perception that the responsibility for the website's security lies with your web host. ?That is a misconception and one which often (sadly) leads to dire consequences for the website owner.Think of it like this:Your host owns a block of flats (the server) and he/she rents out a flat in that block to ... Read More

April 10, 2018
Google sets deadline for switching to https

If you haven't yet made the change to go to SSL for every page of your website, Google's letting you know - you are running out of time. Google has announced a deadline of July 2018 (June 30th)?as the date for when Chrome will begin explicitly warning users if a site is insecure. Over 50% of Internet browsers worldwide are Chrome, meaning this ... Read More

March 26, 2018