Black Friday Discounts, Affiliate Program and SMS Notifications

 Friday, November 20, 2020

Working at home

There's not a lot to cheer about economically in our world at present, 

but at GodsWeb over the past number of weeks and months we have been adapting our 

business model to engage more effectively in the 'new world'.

Black Friday Discounts

With a whole new range of products (including our new web site builder, free tools on site, and the incredibly popular OX Suite APPs for email), we are launching many of these with up to 50% discounts applied automatically on certain products.  Details on each page of the website.

Sales Team Deployed

As we move into this new chapter with new products, we have deployed a dedicated sales team and help bots on site to deal with the growth in online activity. Across the sector we are seeing more and more demand for websites and email as businesses diversify and more people are working from home.  See our live chat for sales support.

Affiliate Program (make money with GodsWeb).

You can now partner with us and get paid for introducing customers to GodsWeb.  Not only will you get paid on their first sale but also on any renewal.  Steady work on this will result in an increasing recurring monthly income.  We envisage within a few months that some affiliates will see £100-200+ recurring income per month while some others may push for more.   More details are here.

SMS Notifications and 2FA

You will now find SMS notifications available on your client account.  You can turn these on or off as you wish.  You can also select which notifications you receive.  ie when we answer a support ticket etc.

The option to secure your account under 'Security Settings' with SMS 2FA is now also available.  When you login to your GodsWeb account, a 6 digit code will be sent to your phone to ensure it is you who is gaining access.  We highly recommend this.


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