New Website and Lots of New services to help during COVID

 Wednesday, November 4, 2020

We've listened to a lot of feedback (thank you) and today we introduce a lot of new spec to hosting plans, new services and a new easier to navigate / cleaner website design.

We all know that COVID has changed many things in our world, and we too have been making significant changes to help you adapt to the new world while still maintaining your online presence or for many, who are stepping into it for the first time.

We are seeing many who did not have an e-commerce presence before COVID, step up and take advantage of our services and in some instances have put their business online and selling within a couple of days.  

See these examples:  and   Both created using our WEBSITE BUILDER


10GB and 50GB mailboxes at stunning prices.  Yes, this compares with Exchange email but gives you much more control, features, is user friendly and will take your email communication to another level.   Starts at just £2 per month per user.  FULL DETAILS HERE


Well, we've known how good our website builder is compared to the others (WIX, GoDaddy Etc) not only in price, but also in features.  So now you get the chance to COMPARE, TEST IT OUT and see for yourself.  From just £4 per month, including a domain, SSL certificate, e-commerce and ALL of the features you need (which others charge more for), it's easy to see why it is one of our most popular products.  CHECK IT OUT HERE


Put our search engine tool to work for you and see your website go up the charts in google.  It's simple, automated and again low priced for your convenience.  Check out the details and videos here.


As more and more of us become aware of internet scams and fraud, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) keep your machine 'hidden' and away from prying eyes.  PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY WHEN YOU ARE ONLINE.   Read more here

Wordpress and Joomla Hosting

Special Offer for our optimised hosting packages for the 2 most popular CMS' on the web.  50% off for a limited period AND a FREE DOMAIN and A FREE SSL CERTIFICATE.   More Details Here

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