Sunday, March 22, 2020

We want to assure all of our customers that GodsWeb is putting all social isolation measures in place as required by the UK government and many staff where possible are working from home.  Server techs are working on site on individual shifts.  This may effect any serious issues that arise if server techs need involvement but will only mean a slower response because of only one tech available at any time.   Support, sales and admin staff are all now working from home.  The vast majority of you will see no issues in how our business and support function.


Many websites have been streaming for many years with no issues being caused on our shared servers.  Recently there has been an enormous rise and a rush for churches to stream their services.  This is a good thing and is right to do, but there have to be expectations as to what you can expect from your shared hosting account.

Live Streaming is not the same as web hosting.

Live streaming is and always has been provided by specialists. and many others.  You will see their prices for live streaming vary from $29 per month to $150 and more per month.  Asking us to provide live streaming on your website is not a function that can be provided in your hosting account.  The technology is not the same.

There are of course free services such as 'Facebook live' and 'Youtube' and you can weigh up the many options with the paid and free services for which suits you best for your finances and situation.

Live Streaming via your website

Whichever method of live streaming you opt for, the temptation to embed your video onto your website is tempting.  However, this again will have issues for your web hosting.  On a shared server, if many customers decide to do this, and or your website has too many listeners tuning in, your website will crash.  Thats what has been happening in the early days of the COVID 19 crisis.

There are two solutions to avoid this and we urge every customer to consider which suits them:

1)  provide only links to your website stream on your website.  ie a url pointing to your facebook, youtube or other streaming channel.  If all customers do this, normal service on our servers will be resumed - especially on the hours between 10am and 12pm on Sunday mornings and 6.30pm and 8.30pm on Sunday evenings.

2)  if you wish to embed your video in your website, you have no option but to factor in the costs of a VPS.  (Virtual Private Server).  This is where we would move your website to its own server where it will not be affected by other websites and all of the resources on that server will be owned by you.  If this is something you require, please raise a support ticket.  We can look at your usage stats, and advice what type of  VPS is adequate for your needs and migrate your website across to it.

All of this just requires a little preparation and understanding of the implications for your own church/business and others.  Thank you.


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