Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wordpress is a great tool and in fact is used by more than 10 million website owners worldwide for their website management.

However, wordpress is not for everyone.

There are some disadvantages to using wordpress and if you describe yourself as a novice or enthusiast webmaster, you may want to look at these and consider the GodsWeb alternative


  1. Vulnerability. Unquestionably the biggest disadvantage of WordPress is its security.
  2. Can be expensive. While the WordPress itself is free, when looking at the whole picture there are significant costs.
  3. Needs frequent updates.
  4. SEO friendliness.
  5. Customisation needs Coding


There are two aspects to this issue.  Firstly the wordpress software itself.  It is widely used and therefore hacks are written and released frequently to exploit any identified vulnerabilities in the core code itself.  You need to keep it updated and you will find many add-ons (plugins or modules) to help you mask login pages etc.   Secondly, to get the very best out of wordpress, its strength is in the open source nature of the product which allows other developers to write modules which give you the 'bells and whistles' most people need to make their site do exactly what they want.  ie newsletters, menu controls, themes (templates), and many more.  There are tens of thousands of modules which you can add (many free) to your site and some which charge a premium licence to use).  Free or paid, all of these modules again need to be kept up to date and when they aren't your wordpress site can become vulnerable to attack and errors.


Wordpress in and of itself is free.  However if you want your site to look it's best, you may opt to add a theme, and optional add-ons.  Many of these are free, but the best - cost.  Most that cost will require an annual renewal to ensure they are kept up to date and secure.  You will need to purchase a SSL certificate to install on your hosting account and all of this, (as well as the hosting cost) can add up to a significant amount.


I have alluded to this already, but the more advanced your site is and the more add-ons and modules you have, you will need to update your site fairly frequently.  At least once a week is not uncommon - and this also means ensuring that if a script of module is updated, that your hosting environment can handle that new update.  ie, you may be running your site in PHP 7 - but a new update may require PHP7.2.  It's not a problem to change that fairly easily in your GodsWeb hosting account cPanel, but you then need to ensure that all other scripts and modules are optimised to run on the same version.  You may find that one module will run in PHP 7.2 but that the developer of another module has not yet updated their module to run on that version yet.  So, these are the types of dilemmas you can face.


Right from the word go, you really need to know how you want to set your wordpress website up re 'friendly urls'.  Changing them later can cause url issues on your site and can also cause issues with search engine friendliness.  Of course there are many plugins that are available to optimise your website for search engines, but these do require frequent updating and a good knowledge of what to write and time to write keywords and meta text into your pages.


Whether you use a purchased or a free theme, if you want to do anything specific to the layout or design, you will need to know how to code to make the changes you want.  If you are not comfortable with CSS, PHP, TPL or HTML files you might want to set your sights a little lower as to what you can achieve with your wordpress site .


The GodsWeb Site Builder uses the very latest technology and is kept up to date by GodsWeb staff.  We ensure the environment it runs on is optimised and secure and so you don't have to worry about updating the software.  The only thing you have to do is update your site as you want.

That's the easy part.  You need no coding knowledge.  You click on what you want to change and we provide advanced tools in a click and select process to help you do what you want to do.  Want to use code?  No problem.  You can do that as well.

The site builder comes with all of the plugins installed you could ever want to use for your site.  You just decide whether to use them or not , and where on your site.  From calendars, forms, newsletter sign-ups, slide shows, voting, audio and video players - the world is your oyster. 

The GodsWeb site builder puts the fun back into managing your website - while we worry about the technical updates for you.  Unlimited emails, a free domain*, a free SSL certificate* and your site hosted on the highest end servers available, with masses of SSD server space and all for one low fixed cost per year from just £99.99

We just put the fun back into website building.  Try it out for yourself today.   DEMO

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*Different package options apply

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