Friday, September 6, 2019

Every day, there are millions upon millions of spam emails forwarded to and through email accounts and email forwarders every single day?  

If left unchecked a domain and the hosting server IP can easily become blacklisted, stopping your domain and ALL other domains on that server from having their emails from being received by the destination server.

At GodsWeb we handle 100,000's of emails, (incoming and outgoing) every single day.

Most web hosts (in fact almost all those in our price range) do not provide any protection against this.  But rather react to blacklisting when it happens.  Considering it can take 2-7 days to remove the blacklisting, that is not good news if you rely on email.

We have a two pronged approach to guarantee our customers have ALWAYS ON EMAIL.

1)  We have staff whose sole task is to work 24/7 actively monitoring the email coming into our servers.  When it comes from known spammers it triggers an alert and instantly our staff block those emails and the originating server IP - effectively immediately stopping that spam in its tracks.  If you host with us, we can guarantee you that your domain will at some point have been targeted.  This 24 / 7 protection is included in your hosting.

Don't confuse this with spam protection.  This is not spam protection.   This is when spammers attempt to use your domain/mailboxes/forwarders to send their spam out.  Spam protection (if you wish to add it to your account)  is optional and available by adding Spam Experts.

2) We employ to handle all mail that goes out from our mail servers.  Mailchannels is THE PREMIER and one of the most exclusive providers of outgoing mail handling online.  As a Godsweb customer, you have it built into your hosting at no extra cost.

You will never notice this.  There are no settings changes required - it just works.

 Mailchannels provide a second level of protection by stopping all SPAM that has got through our first line of defence.  This means no spam originates from our mail servers.  (At least, it gets stopped at source to prevent your domain/email address and our server IP's from being blacklisted).  

Further, they operate multiple clean and high reputation mail server IP's across the world and route all of the email you send through us through these random IP addresses.  

Regular users of GodsWeb will have noticed that we do not suffer the IP blacklisting that other shared server and other low cost hosting providers (and some more expensive ones) suffer from time to time.  It only takes one careless or malicious customer on a server to cause untold problems for all customers.  

As a GodsWeb customer you know you are in safe hands with this advanced service - not offered by any of the other 'big boys'.


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