Friday, June 21, 2019

With NGINX (Engine X) now running across our entire network - we wanted to introduce you to just ONE of its benefits.

Rocket Boost your Website in just 4 simple steps

Login to cPanel > Domains.   Select the Bolt Cache icon.   

Bolt Cache 1

STEP 1:   Click on the SELECT DOMAIN button.

STEP 2:   From the left section click on the type of website you run.  ie wordpress or joomla etc

Bolt Cache 2

STEP 3:  Advanced users can select from NGINX or REDIS CACHE but please do read the kb articles to understand the power of the functionality these provide.  All other users select Proxy Cache and ENABLE.

STEP 4:  Select the PHP version your site runs on.  (Default is PHP 7.2).  If uncertain select MultiPHP Manager in cPanel to view the version of PHP your site is running.  Click SAVE CHANGES.   Done.

Watch your website fly and benefit from speed, and enhanced security.


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