Friday, June 21, 2019


Good morning GodsWeb customers

Did you notice?

Over the past number of weeks we have raised GodsWeb to the highest level in the industry.

1)  No more blacklisted IP's when sending email (guaranteed)
2)  Acronis Backup/Restore now inbuilt to your cPanel on every hosting account
      (replaces the R1Soft Backup/Restore which proved unreliable and clunky)
3)  NGINX (engine x) now deployed across our entire network (this is major re speed/security and reliability)
4)  BoltCache now available (reverse proxy DNS caching and more)


6)  FREE SSL for life with every new hosting account opened by existing customers

Quite simply, as we move towards our 20th Birthday (July 12th), we have just raised the bar and with it placed your website and email hosted with us to the highest possible level and standard available in the UK.  Bar none.   It is impossible to emphasise how major all of this is.  

And the cost of all of this to you?  Absolutely nothing. 

MAILCHANNELS handle all of our outgoing mail and this means we can guarantee no more blacklisted mailserver IP's.  You will be hard pushed to find a UK web host offering this, and certainly not at the prices charged by GodsWeb.  They just won't add it - because it's a 'luxury' item they will not employ on low cost hosting.  With GodsWeb you have it included - ALWAYS ON EMAIL.  No more blacklisted IP addresses stopping your email being delivered.

Many of you have already experienced the absolute joy this product is.  Your hosting account is backed up to a military grade remote location automatically.  You then can restore mail / files / databases etc individually, or an entire site in minutes (often seconds).  Absolute peace of mind for when something goes wrong.

Expedia, Dropbox, Amazon AWS, Microsoft, Cloudflare (and many other companies) use Engine X as the next level above Apache/Litespeed for their servers.  From last night, GodsWeb servers now run on Apache/Litespeed with NGINX as the backbone providing reverse DNS proxy caching and more.  ie, your websites will run up to 48 times faster than ordinary Apache based hosts alone (which is basically all other web hosts at this price range) and will be able to handle thousands more concurrent connections with no increase in resources.   

This now runs with a default setting for all customers - so there is no need for the majority to do anything - but for those who wish to take it to the next level and go full or partial NGINX with their website you now can.   You will now see BoltCache in your cPanel and also a new section in cPanel called NGINX AUTOMATION.  Please read this new section in our knowledgebase to understand the full potential of this level of service provision.

Do you host websites elsewhere?   We want your business.

There are no other web hosts in the UK offering anything close to all we provide at GodsWeb.   There is a growing knowledge in the industry re what we have been doing at GodsWeb that has resulted in a 200% increase in new customer sales in the past month.   Yes, we have special deals for new customers, but we want to aggressively encourage our existing customers to consider moving all of their websites to us.  And why would you not?

We will migrate any cPanel hosting account from any other provider to GodsWeb (including mail/files/databases and DNS) seamlessly and for free.  We would be happy to quote you (as an existing customer) a very special deal to secure your business.  We are opening a window of 2 weeks - whereby we invite you to tell us your requirements.   We will put together a package and make you an offer you will find hard to refuse.  These offers will not appear on the website but will only be available to existing customers via support ticket.     

FREE SSL FOR LIFE  (100 hosting accounts only)
As an existing customer, the next 100 new hosting accounts opened will receive a FREE SSL certificate for life.  
Just place your order online and we'll take care of the rest automatically.  


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