Tuesday, May 21, 2019

We are delighted to inform you that all of our customer's websites are now running on high end state of the art servers with RAID 10 redundancy on brand new 100% SSD Samsung servers - located in London Docklands UK. 

Watch your websites fly.

With failsafe isolation in place (so that your websites will not be affected by others which hog resources).

Enhanced DDOS protection and new software features in cPanel. ?ie cloudflare is now built in with other options you are free to explore also.

The environment is also cloudlinux which we have used for the past 6 years and which allows each individual hosting account customer the ability to choose their required version of PHP along the options of editing the PHP.ini for a fully tailored solution.

R1Soft Backups on individual hosting accounts give additional peace of mind and are taken daily automatically, ready for roll back from within cPanel on individual accounts or by contacting support to perform a roll back for you.

There are many other enhancements and improvements in place which we will detail in due course.

For the majority of our customers, you need to do nothing as all of the work has been done seamlessly and quietly in the background.


If you use external DNS (name servers) and/or you have registered your domain elsewhere, you will need to point your domain to our new network IP address:

Previously the old IP was - so you will need to replace this.

Finally a massive thank you for all of your patience over these past few weeks. We trust you will see that when we had an issue with hardware in the past few weeks, we didn't ignore it, but formulated a solution and not only solved the problem but we took the opportunity to improve our services further.  We know you will see in the coming weeks and months, that sticking with GodsWeb during this time, was worth it.  Thank you

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