Monday, March 26, 2018

If you haven't yet made the change to go to SSL for every page of your website, Google's letting you know - you are running out of time.

Google has announced a deadline of July 2018 (June 30th)?as the date for when Chrome will begin explicitly warning users if a site is insecure.

SSL WarningsOver 50% of Internet browsers worldwide are Chrome, meaning this change will likely have a significant impact on and presence. ?A prominent warning may affect how secure users feel and may cause some visitors to leave a site, which will negatively impacting a sites bounce rate, visitor engagements, advertising impressions, affiliate clicks and eCommerce sales as well as search engine ranking

People using Chrome as their web browser will see an even more prominent note that the website they???re viewing is not secure. This will cause your website visitors to lose trust in your website and a good percentage of them will leave, thinking the website is either infected or simply not trustworthy.

Your best bet is to make this switch now. For Godsweb customers it's really simple.   We do all the installation work for you and it is normally done on the same day that you place your order.  (This may change as we get closer to the deadline and the inevitable rush happens - and then it will become increasingly prevalent over the next few years as other browsers start to increase notice to their users if a site does not have a SSL certificate).

This was something we promoted heavily last year.  It used to be just banking or e-commerce websites that needed to do this in the past but now it's something for every website.


Since a secure website is something that improves the user experience, it has been said that Google gives these websites a boost in rankings. That's not officially confirmed but we do know that people trust these websites more and Google does want to provide results where the user experience is very good.   There's really no reason not to do it.

Googles SSL Deadline and our Good Friday SSL SALE 2018

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