Thursday, June 29, 2017

From Simon Richardson (founder of GodsWeb)

This time 18 years ago, the world was a different place. ?Pre 9-11, Pre iphones, and even broadband was a word unheard of. ?This week I noticed a payment on the site, and instantly recognised the name. ?Before the 12th July 1999 I had never heard of him, but on that day (the day we launched) he placed an order for our very first web hosting account sale. ?This week, that same customer continues to support us and what we do, and in this industry, that is both remarkable and touching. ?(Jeremy S, you know how you are).

Back then, everything had to be set up manually. ?Invoices were marked paid manually, and hosting accounts were set up, manually. ?Domains were registered, manually. ?You get the picture.

How things have changed. ?We've not only moved with the times, but been ahead of the times in so many ways.

We've got some things wrong, of course.....but we must have gotten a few things right along the way too.

No-one expected us to last 18 weeks, let alone 18 years. - A 'Christian' web hosting company ? ? Never, no-one would want or support that. ?And yet, here we are, all because of the support of really good people from more than 70 countries around the world. ?Thank you Thank you Thank you.

You have supported not only me and my family, but also a small group of others. ?We've made some great friends, and more than anything else we cherish the fact that the ethos of Godsweb has been to support and launch online ministries for those expecially with a fledgling vision. ?Some of those who have been supported and established online
through your co-operation have been:

  • Several Chinese Christian Churches
  • Missionary Aid workers in Africa
  • Missionary Educationalists in Peru, Chile, Africa and Romania
  • Church launches in the UK and Ireland name but a few.

So to all of you, can I thank you personally for the legacy that you have contributed to - it is and continues to be what has made GodsWeb very special to our family.

Yours in Him,

Simon Richardson


18 years 'young' and we want to give more

To celebrate our 18th birthday, we have been running special promotions to raise funds. ?Thank you to all of you who have supported that and taken up those offers. ?


Two reasons: ??

1) ?To provide some value and fun to you (our established customers) and to reward you.
2) ?To raise the funds to be able to do this.....

We want to give away 18 FREE hosting accounts in July. ?No, wait.....we want to give away 36 FREE hosting accounts in July. ?And because of your support, we can.


will be going to brand new customers. ?Customers that have never been with GodsWeb before. ?These hosting accounts will be made available on the site on a first come, first served basis at one minute past midnight this Saturday morning the 1st July. ?We are asking you to spread the word to your friends and social media colleagues. ? Perhaps by sharing this through FaceBook below??

The new customers should use the promotion code


during the checkout process for a Starter SSD hosting account.


will be going to 18 of you. ?All that we ask is that you login to your client area and leave us a testimonial. ?At the end of July, we will randomly select 18 of you and contact you with the news of your hosting account. ? ?Enjoy and Happy 18th Birthday to all of us!

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