Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SSL BrandsIn 2014 Google announced they were going to give higher search engine rankings to websites which used SSL. Since that we have noticed a significant increase in customer demand for SSL certificates. The days of only installing a certificate on your hosting account, because you run a shop, or process private information (memberships etc) are gone. Websites using SSL certificates are much more common now and that will continue for the foreseeable future.

As websites differ in their content, so they differ in their needs of security. So, at GodsWeb we have formed valuable and trusted partnerships with the major SSL providers on the web, to ensure we can provide the exact SSL certificate that each of our customers require.

Unlike other hosting companies, we don't just offer a small 2-6 ssl certificate range from one provider. Instead we have more than 60 different SSL certificate options from 6 different providers.

From around just ?10 - ?30 per year, you can now secure your site and obtain those higher ranking positions on Google. So what are you waiting for? Our staff are waiting to assist you.

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