Wednesday, February 10, 2016

After 4 months of day and night work to move the majority of our customer websites onto a much superior web service platform (at no cost), there were many times during the process when even the most positive of us here wondered if it was worth it. ?We now know it definitely was, and we believe the vast majority of you are now beginning to realise that as well. ?

Some of the comments (especially by a small number) who felt it necessary to take to social media to complain - sometimes rather than actually contact us, was really frustrating and not what we expect from the community we are a part of and represent.

So, imagine our delight, when, we opened this letter from a non-technical mother (by her own admission). ?Be blest. ?We were.

(names removed to protect privacy and published with permission).

I was one of the very last to sort out our migration thingy (Technical stuff) ...eeeek...apologies!I inherited the task of looking after our church website quite suddenly over 12 months and as this isn't my area of computing expertise I have relied on my very able assistant, our now 16 year old son *****. ?***** has maintained the site at my request and then.....THE MIGRATION!!!!??

THANKYOU,THANKYOU,THANKYOU for making it so simple. Clearly my "tech support" understood every step of the process but it was encouraging that with your email guidance so did I.

I could then I leave it in his capable hands because sometimes I'm too scared I'll press the wrong button. (Clearly I didn't let on!)

Anyway as I said,some feedback for you. ***** has just been helping me become a little more independent in maintaining the website from now on, and on finishing has just declared?

"The Godsweb control panel, like, the greatest set up I have ever used.....and I've seen loads"??

Being a typical teenager,if he'd anything to say to the contrary...he wouldn't hold back.?

This really made me smile as since leaving school very recently we've realised that **** has quite a reputation in his own right as a Graphics Designer and Web Designer. (Not been gaming online as much as we'd thought) Not to be sniffed at also as such praise is equal to you guys turning up to Comic Con Birmingham in the coolest Cosplay known to a kid who lives, breathes,eats and sleeps all this techy stuff. ?

Anyway. Thankyou again. I was saddened the other week to hear that some clients had been less than gracious in their dealings with you regarding the migration process so I thought I'd pass on some feedback from someone who knows what he's talking about. (I asked permission first) ?

Thankyou for all that you do and for all the extra you have done in recent months. ?May God richly bless you.

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