How can I be sure that the website will appear in search engines such as Google, Ask etc?

This isn't a web hosting issue. It is up to each web designer to ensure that your site is search engine friendly and is not something that a hosting company can do for you. (You can of course you pay a professional company to provide search engine optimisation services for your website, which is a separate issue and service altogether).

This is not something GodsWeb provides. This is very much a specialist area and niche of web marketing which usually costs a lot of money - dependent on the market you are attempting to break into.

For most people though, their website is unique. ie a local baptist church in a specific town. So search engine optimisation in this instance is quite simple, if simple procedures are followed.

We do provide search engine submission tools within your control panel, which you can use to let search engines know about your site, but we strongly advise you do not use these until you have your site optimised and coded your properly for search engines. If you wish to learn this web design technique yourself, (we advise this) is probably the best place to start.

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