Monday, January 13, 2020

We are absolutely delighted to offer you your very own VPN to browse the web privately and without being tracked.....from anywhere.    

Save up to 35% by ordering annually.  


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What does a VPN do?

Typically, all of your internet traffic passes through your ISP's servers, which means they can see and log everything you do online. They may even hand your browsing history over to advertisers, government agencies, and other third parties.

However, if you use a VPN, your traffic is sent via a dedicated remote server. In doing this, the VPN hides your IP address and encrypts all the data you send or receive. The encrypted data is unreadable to anyone who intercepts it.




The Benefits of Using a VPN

  • Hide your IP and location - Prevent websites and your ISP from tracking where you are and what you are doing
  • Encrypt your connection - Browse from Wi-Fi hotspots like airports and cafes knowing your passwords, emails, photos, bank data and other sensitive information can’t be intercepted.
  • Watch content from anywhere - Stream all your shows and movies via a super fast network
  • Unblock censored websites - Easily unblock sites and services blocked by governments or oganisations
  • Avoid spying and throttling - Stop snooping by governments, network administrators, and your ISP
  • Avoid website tracking - By hiding your IP address and location, its harder for sites and services to track your visits or display targeted advertising based on location.


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