Kedd, Április 10, 2018

When you run a website, it is very often the perception that the responsibility for the website's security lies with your web host. ?That is a misconception and one which often (sadly) leads to dire consequences for the website owner.

Think of it like this:
Your host owns a block of flats (the server) and he/she rents out a flat in that block to you. ?Yes, it is the responsibility of the block owner to secure the entrance, but it is the flat (website) owner's responsibility to ensure they do not leave windows or doors open. ?If they do, they cannot blame the owner of the block that they were burgled.

This is why the website security industry exists. ?With companies such as the global leader 'SiteLock'.

We have teamed up with SiteLock - and so from today all GodsWeb customers can install SiteLock onto their website free of charge, (for 5 pages) ? Depending on your site needs, there are different upgrade plans.

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