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  • "I currently have 4 websites, one "Christian" website, a family website/blog, a forum and another and they all work perfectly.
    Whenever there is any issue at all, the ticket system is answered quickly, efficiently and effectively.
    GodsWeb know what customer care is about, and at very reasonable prices.
    John P. - 27/02/2013

  • "In early 2007 I was with another web hosting company and had just three sites at the time. They treated me really badly, leaving me with no option but to move. Wondering if such a thing existed, I typed "Christian Web Host" into Google and was led to GodsWeb. I have never looked back and now have a reseller licence supporting an increasing number of sites. Quick, friendly and caring support all the time.
    Andrew Perry - 23/01/2013

  • "Having been with other companies in the past, everyone ought to use Godsweb. The customer service is amazing, professional, generous and knowledgeable. The service is superb and when you think it couldn't get any better, somehow they manage to improve on what they already offer."
    Stephen Bazely (Deane Church) - 22/05/2013

  • "We have used Godsweb for many years now to host our church website. I want to thank the team for all their hard work improving the service and the support team who offer the highest quality of help especially when migrating our service to new hosting plans.
    Thank you!

    Dave Rogers"
    Phil Rogers (Ascot Life Church) - 05/06/2013

  • "I've been using GodsWeb since 2006 and your service never let me down. Excellent, stable and reliable. It does not stop here. Your service keeps improving."
    Leo Lau (Newcastle Chinese Christian Fellowship) - 19/07/2013

  • "I am someone who needs patience and understanding as I am self taught and an 'older person'!
    If it hadn't been for God's web I would never have been able to learn and develop my sites.

    I always get the help I need and time is taken to help me understand --ticket after ticket.!!!

    This a REAL Christian led company. The best!

    Sister Marian."
    Sister Marian Thomas (RELIGIOUS) - 27/07/2013

  • "I am very happy with Godsweb's hosting service which we have used for our church web site for several years. The service is stable and reliable. The support team are always prompt and professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for web hosting."
    Simon Payne (The Olive Tree) - 28/07/2013

  • "I have used Godsweb for about 2 years now and have found them to be first class.
    - Whilst I only use their e-mail and parked domains services, I would highly recommend them to anyone as a hosting provider. Their charges are very reasonable and they always give a fast and friendly response when dealing with any problems that may arise.
    They can be trusted to deal with you fairly and honestly and have a high value on providing excellent service."
    Alan Forrest - 23/10/2013

  • "I'm one of those, scatty brained individuals, jumping from project to project. This often means I can be a pain in the bum style customer, but the guys/gals at Godsweb have been super-patient, helpful and always resolved my issues. Great service!"
    Chris Walsh - 06/11/2013

  • "I have used - and have been recommending - Godsweb since 2006, and have never looked back. I can honestly say that the customer service is second to none, with even non-urgent queries submitted at weekends or public holidays often answered within minutes. New and useful facilities are being added all the time, with the latest being their invaluable free daily backups on all hosting plans which gives busy clients like myself much needed peace of mind. There are few if any hosting providers who provide such good service at such low cost. Easy to use, value for money and with customer service second to none, Godsweb is truly a Godsend. D. Pfeiffer"
    Martin Montgomery (Michael Jacksons Legacy) - 17/11/2013

  • "I only update my websites a few times a year, so there are long gaps so I never get to be an "expert".
    Fortunately your support is first class and usually within minutes I get the answer or clue or link I need to overcome the hurdle.
    Dennis JONES - 24/12/2013

  • "Thank you Godsweb staff I put a ticket in 14th Jan 2014 at approx 1730 expecting a reply on the 15th
    and was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply the same evening, and completed this morning.

    Thank you

    - 15/01/2014

  • "We have one word we use when we tell other people about Godsweb "FANTASTIC" Why do we say this? simple BEST SERVICE ,BEST PRODUCTS ,BEST VALUE. "
    Neil McClelland (Rainbow Ireland) - 15/08/2015

  • "I've been with Godsweb for around 10 years. I've always found Godsweb reliable - I don't recall any "down time". They are very reasonably priced - offering more services for the money than other "low cost" suppliers, and always quick to answer support requests. "
    Rosemary Cripps - 15/08/2015

  • "TRUSTED : PROFESSIONAL : SECURE. Does what it says on the can, so to speak. Thank God for God's Web."
    Andy Kay - 15/08/2015

  • "Just wanted to thank you for your dedicated & knowledgeable support. Thank you to the team who are dedicated to serving & finding an answer. You have served us well for 8 years."
    Nigel Brookhouse (Narthex Sparkhill) - 15/08/2015

  • "I wish to express my gratitude to Gods Web for providing a first class service delivered with efficiency and courtesy."
    Niall Kennedy (Unum Omnes) - 15/08/2015

  • "All my questions have been answered with speed and courtesy. This is very much appreciated given my lack of technical knowledge often means that some of my questions are quite basic!, but always treated with respect."
    Dawn Wilson (The Smiles Foundation) - 24/08/2015

  • Derek Drapper (Stuckton Church) - 25/08/2015

  • "I've been with Godsweb since 1999. What more can I say!"
    Andrew Hunt - 28/08/2015

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