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Nominet - Data Disclosure Policy
The policy setting out the circumstances under which we (Nominet) will disclose Registrant data to third parties who have a legitimate need for it
Filesize: 19.9 kB
Nominet - Rules of Registration
The rules for the registration and use of domain names within the .UK domain and its sub-domains. These rules form part of our terms and conditions and are part of your contract with us as the Registrant of a domain name.
Filesize: 131 kB
Nominet - Schools Domain Name Rules
Rules for the allocation of domain names to schools
Filesize: 121 kB
Nominet - Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration (1/10/15)
The contract you enter into with us when you register a .UK domain name.
Filesize: 120 kB
Nominet - WHOIS Address Opt-Out
Rules outlining which Registrants can withhold their address from our .UK WHOIS
Filesize: 57.8 kB
Nominet - WHOIS Contract Terms
The terms you agree to as a WHOIS user
Filesize: 66.1 kB