INSTANT Wordpress SSD (Ultra-Fast) Hosting

cPanel Wordpress SSD Hosting Account

Wordpress Hosting
OUR WORDPRESS HOSTING ACCOUNT - is based on our cPANEL CLOUD SSD hosting platform. Optimised for hosting the worlds most popular blogging and CMS website system (Wordpress) which is installed automatically and instantly for you.

Unique Features

Compared to the 3GB limit elsewhere (ie on, or your site becoming too busy that you need to upgrade to more bandwidth - webspace is a massive 20GB and data transfer is unmetered.

Economical, reliable, secure and fully backed by our UK support teams. 24/7/365 - total peace of mind on a secure and up to date platform for your Wordpress site.

Automated Backups

Automatic BackupsRoll your site back to any point in the last 14 days at any time, with our automated 4 times per day 14 day remote backup and restore service. Total peace of mind should your site be hacked, coding error and without having to worry about keeping your own backups and/or if your own backups are corrupted. 4 x 14 daily backups are always available to restore your website.
(Usually only found on much more expensive hosting plans)

  • Unlimited (pop, imap & webmail) MAILBOXES
  • Unlimited mySQL DATABASES