20th Nov 2020

Black Friday Discounts, Affiliate Program and SMS Notifications

There's not a lot to cheer about economically in our world at present,  but at GodsWeb over the past number of weeks and months we have been adapting our  business model to engage more effectively in the 'new world'. Black Friday Discounts With a whole new range of products (including our new web site builder, free tools on site, and the ...

4th Nov 2020

New Website and Lots of New services to help during COVID

We've listened to a lot of feedback (thank you) and today we introduce a lot of new spec to hosting plans, new services and a new easier to navigate / cleaner website design. We all know that COVID has changed many things in our world, and we too have been making significant changes to help you adapt to the new world while still maintaining your ...

27th Mar 2020

Logo Maker Available Now

Make a logo design in minutes.  It's FREE and it's easy.  

PLUS if you want advanced images (transparent/SVG/PDF/EPS) we charge one low price for a high quality image in all of these formats.  Just £15.

Give it a go today!

22nd Mar 2020

Coronavirus and your website

We want to assure all of our customers that GodsWeb is putting all social isolation measures in place as required by the UK government and many staff where possible are working from home.  Server techs are working on site on individual shifts.  This may effect any serious issues that arise if server techs need involvement but will only mean a ...

5th Feb 2020

When wordpress isn't enough.....or 'when Wordpress gets too much'

Wordpress is a great tool and in fact is used by more than 10 million website owners worldwide for their website management. However, wordpress is not for everyone. There are some disadvantages to using wordpress and if you describe yourself as a novice or enthusiast webmaster, you may want to look at these and consider the GodsWeb ...

13th Jan 2020

Protect Your Browsing on up to 5 machines with GodsWeb

We are absolutely delighted to offer you your very own VPN to browse the web privately and without being tracked.....from anywhere.     Save up to 35% by ordering annually.       What does a VPN do? Typically, all of your internet traffic passes through your ISP's servers, which means they can see and log everything you do online. They ...

6th Sept 2019

Did you know this about your hosting with GodsWeb?

Every day, there are millions upon millions of spam emails forwarded to and through email accounts and email forwarders every single day?   If left unchecked a domain and the hosting server IP can easily become blacklisted, stopping your domain and ALL other domains on that server from having their emails from being received by the destination ...

31st Aug 2019

New European Payment Requirements Effective Immediately

In September 2019, Strong Customer Authentication will come into force in Europe. SCA is a new form of two-factor authentication designed to add an extra layer of security when you make a payment online. Although SCA is being implemented to reduce fraud, it is widely expected to have a significant impact on website sales by complicating the ...

12th Aug 2019

cPanel Price Increases - September 2019 - Part Two

This announcement should be read 'after' the context of the first part is read here.  Thank you! Our team have been extensively looking at the alternative options for moving away from cPanel and the 'per user' costs their recent venture capital takeover is enforcing on the web hosting industry worldwide.   We have looked at alternative branded ...

3rd Aug 2019

cPanel Price Increases - September 2019

cPanel Price Increases – September 2019 You may or may not have heard the news regarding the surprise price hike introduced by cPanel – this has come as a shock to the entire industry, so we wanted to contact you to make you aware of our current position, views and aims moving forward as a business with full transparency.You may, or may not ...