cPanel Price Increases - September 2019 - Part Two

This announcement should be read 'after' the context of the first part is read here.  Thank you! Our team have been extensively looking at the alternative options for moving away from cPanel and the 'per user' costs their recent venture capital takeover is enforcing on the web hosting industry worldwide.   We have looked at alternative branded ... לקריאה נוספת

אוגוסט 12, 2019
cPanel Price Increases - September 2019

cPanel Price Increases – September 2019 You may or may not have heard the news regarding the surprise price hike introduced by cPanel – this has come as a shock to the entire industry, so we wanted to contact you to make you aware of our current position, views and aims moving forward as a business with full transparency.You may, or may not ... לקריאה נוספת

אוגוסט 3, 2019
Celebrating 20 years of GodsWeb - July 1999-2019

This month we are celebrating 20 years of GodsWeb. Thank you to all of our past, present and future customers for making this an incredible journey.  Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter for special offers during the week leading up to the 12th July - our official birthday.  We want to make this celebration special as we launch into ... לקריאה נוספת

יולי 3, 2019
Enhanced Email is now LIVE

Enhanced email services are now live on the site.   SEE HERE With storage starting from 1GB up to 50GB and unlimited mailboxes, pop/imap and webmail, to include full mailchannels (always on email) and no mailserver IP blacklisting guaranteed.    With prices starting at just £2 per month* - there is nothing to come close on the market ... לקריאה נוספת

יוני 21, 2019
NGINX and BOLT Cache (Speed up your website)

With NGINX (Engine X) now running across our entire network - we wanted to introduce you to just ONE of its benefits. Rocket Boost your Website in just 4 simple steps Login to cPanel > Domains.   Select the Bolt Cache icon.    STEP 1:   Click on the SELECT DOMAIN button. STEP 2:   From the left section click on the type of website ... לקריאה נוספת

יוני 21, 2019

OUR 20th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS START NOW!================================ Good morning GodsWeb customers Did you notice? Over the past number of weeks we have raised GodsWeb to the highest level in the industry. 1)  No more blacklisted IP's when sending email (guaranteed)2)  Acronis Backup/Restore now inbuilt to your cPanel on every hosting ... לקריאה נוספת

יוני 21, 2019
Virus Scanner FREE for 30 days and Special Time Limited Offer

  If you login to your hosting control panel today, you will see a new product called VIRUS SCANNER in the Security section.  This product protects your website from brute force attacks and also has a built in virus and suspicious file scanner.  This product is normally £50 per year, but as part of our 20th Birthday celebrations (12th July) ... לקריאה נוספת

יוני 5, 2019
Running Wordpress? - you should be doing this.....

If you run a wordpress website, you know how powerful it is as a content management system for updating and keeping your website 'alive' and fresh.  But, being the world's most popular website builder, it is also the most 'attacked' and vulnerable.   However, there are also a number of great plugins which you can use to protect your website ... לקריאה נוספת

יוני 4, 2019
Unique: Truly Reliable Email Service - now ACTIVE

        Sick and tired of your emails not being delivered due to ‘blacklists’? Blacklisted IP addresses on shared hosting is the number one cause for mail delivery issues and is a common problem for shared hosts.   Once an IP address has been blacklisted, it can take several days for the block to be lifted, meaning email fails ... לקריאה נוספת

יוני 4, 2019
New Backup Services and more about GodsWeb

THE HIGHLY ACCLAIMED AND AWARD WINNING ACRONIS BACKUP IS NOW AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE ON ALL CUSTOMER'S cPANEL HOSTING ACCOUNTS Long term customers will not be surprised by this announcement.  We have a long history of  going over and above the 'norms' of web hosting.   We'll not mention any names, but you know who they are (including ... לקריאה נוספת

יוני 1, 2019