We are one week into the migration process and all is proceeding to plan.  Site Designer customers are now active on the new servers, Microsoft Exchange Email customers are migrated and active.  Sites are now in the process of having databases and files brought across.   

Over the next 24 -48 hours (staggered) will we be switching off auto-control panel login from the client area.

In preparation for this, we need to ask that you ensure you have a manual login to your hosting control panel (IF you need to access it over the next few days).  To do this, login to your hosting control panel NOW or ASAP and click on the CHANGE PASSWORD icon and set your password to one that you can remember.  You can then use it at:

u:  your domain

p:  your password

If you do not do this and find you require access, we can of course grant you access by raising a support ticket, BUT we cannot guarantee how quickly we can respond to these tickets at this busy time.  So please help us by helping yourself.  :-)  Thank you.

*Any changes made in the old hosting environment now, is not guaranteed to come across to the new servers.

As soon as the migration is complete, we will be able to turn auto control panel login back on again, only this time it will be to your new hosting control panel.  We will advise you when this is happening.

Thank you all for your continued support and patience, it is very much appreciated.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

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