Gocardless Direct DebitsTwo and a half years after we had to remove Direct Debit from our payment gateway options, due to technical difficulties with their system at that time, we are delighted to announce, we are re-introducing it.

This allows organisations and individuals without credit or debit cards to make payments using only their bank account details, with the added protection of the Direct Debit Guarantee.  One off payments, as well as recurring payments (on the same service) can be set up.

We have tested this extensively over the past few months, but due to our past experience, we will be keeping a close eye to ensure it performs as well as we hope and now expect it to.  Of course, it goes without saying, that should any discrepancies occur, we will rectify immediately.

Part of the solution for this re-introduction of the service, has been to debit accounts 10 days in advance of the invoice due date.  (ie domain renewal dates).  This is to allow for the BACS system to process the payments through the banking system and to ensure the funds arrive with us on time.

We know this is something that many of you are really keen to see, (as are we) and are delighted to bring this payment option back to you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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