About Us

How GodsWeb came to be  - (more than 21 years ago)

Let us take you back to the days of dial-up.  Some younger readers will have no idea what 'dial-up' means.  But if you think broadband, it was even before the forerunner of it, (ISDN) and where a good connection gave you 14,000kbps.  That's slow - very slow.

It was a time, when the world wide web was becoming a new phenomenon.  Ebay was just 4 years old, and Amazon was just 5 years old, and most of what Amazon sold, were books.  That's right, just books, in direct competition with Barnes and Noble.

Businesses were slowly starting to use email instead of a fax machine.  Some really advanced and forward thinking businesses had their own domain and their own website.  Most of them were just a single page, giving the exact details people would find in their 'yellow pages' (a large book which landed on every household doorstep in the UK) containing the details of every type of business in your particular region.

Companies like yellow pages were quick to spot both the danger of the www to their business model (where businesses paid hundreds if not thousands of pounds per year) just to be listed in the yellow pages.   However, rather than yielding to the threat of the web, companies like YP grasped the opportunity of the web and soon started offering 'deluxe packages' where customers could have a 1 page (or more) presence on the world wide web.  

What could have been a bolt on extra, or a simple nominal fee charge, customers were paying hundreds of pounds for a single one page website.

Others were charging a small fortune to sell domains and it was in this backdrop where GodsWeb was born.

Simon Richardson, a trained pastor and with a keen interest in IT saw this was happening.  Not only businesses but churches, charities and individuals were paying way too much and so in 1998 he put together a plan to bring domain registration, email, web hosting and websites at affordable prices, specifically aimed at the sector he card for most.

It was a time when there were few people about who understood this new world of the internet.  Churches, charities and those with less financial clout, were the ones being either left out altogether or paying more than they should for something that could really help them reach more people with their message.

So on the 12th July 1999, GodsWeb was launched.  We had our first customer on that day, and everything worked seamlessly.   We have grown to host thousands of websites, with no debt and have been able to help hundreds of Christian organisations get a foothold on to the www through our unique model.

The Uniqueness of GodsWeb

The uniqueness of GodsWeb has always been co-operative.  Those who can afford the small prices we charge know that not only are they getting a great service (we operate state of the art facilities with top rated staff), but that they are also helping us to support other fledgling churches/missions in their start up years to gain a foothold on the www - often for no cost whatsoever.

Many of those are now paying customers and helping us to repeat the cycle over and over again.

We say a massive thank you to the community of people who grasped the vision with us.

Many told us it would not succeed in such a niche sector.   Yet over the last 21 years we have watched as companies have come and gone.

GodsWeb never advertises.   We spend every penny back in to improving and keeping our servers and hardware at the highest specifications.  GodsWeb is different than the big conglomerates.  To us, you are a name, and not a number.

We would love to welcome you to the family.