Who are we and what do we do?

20 years ago, one man had a dream to create a web hosting service that would benefit Christians and become a 'co-operative' to enable those who could to help those who couldn't. ie, Kingdom work. Hence the name GodsWeb.

Organisations and individuals with a similar mind-set and ethos turned to GodsWeb for their hosting and found it to be 'different' than the norm. Every penny spent on the 'not so expensive' but high quality hosting accounts, went back to supporting kingdom work. This was done in providing free hosting for fledgling ministries and those working with little funds. Many said back in 1999 (when we launched) that it couldn't succeed and that the Christian market was so small (and dwindling) we would fail. How wrong they were. Today, 18 years after our launch, GodsWeb has helped thousands of church, organisations and individuals in business and hobbies, realise their dreams. All of that, is due to the fact that our customers, saw the vision, understood it and supported it. Many for all of those 18 years.

Today we still welcome new customers, only now, it's to a much more streamlined, secure and professional stable of web and IT services. Our servers are second to none in the hosting industry. Yet we still value our core principles of mutual respect, servanthood and helping those we can in the kingdom of God.

If you are looking for something a little 'unique' and different, and find you agree with our core principles, we look forward to welcoming you on board. Many have tried to 'copy' what we do, but we were the first, most successful and longest running in our sphere. The only question we have, is 'WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU TODAY?'

Our Values

Putting aside our professional Service Level Agreements (which are of the highest standard in the industry) and our legal obligations to you, all of our staff sign up to a code of conduct which can often be missing in today's society.


The hardware, the processes, the security, the software, the staff and every element of our service to you, (including how our website works for you) should show the highest quality available anywhere today.


Whether it be our servers, or our staff, we aim to exceed your expectations with quality of reply, speed of response and ultra fast websites and the latest software available backing up your websites.


We don't settle for 99.9% uptime as most do. That allows other companies to fail for 8 hours of downtime every year. Our aim and SLA is to see the servers that serve your email and website up 100% and we stand over that with investment in fail-safe technologies.


Its impossible to list everything we provide on a website, but as you come to demand more of your website, you will see nothing is skimped. In fact, if you need something on your server which isn't there, we usually aim to install it within 24 hours.


There's always a fine balance between what people understand by value. If you want cheap, you will always find someone doing it cheaper. However, our aims are to cut our prices to customers in ways that still allow us to achieve excellence, which in turn fuels our growth. It has worked for more than 18 years.


Military grade buildings with zero access with security clearance host your servers. 4 times daily we take backups of individual websites (yes individual websites) not servers as most do. We store those backups in a remote location for 14 days, (that's 56 backups of your site always stored) for you to restore at any time from within your control panel. Many companies will tell you they do daily backups, but what they mean is, they backup their servers. If you need your website restored, they will not restore the server as this will mean all other sites hosted on the server will be rolled back also. They may be able to isolate your website, but usually at a cost to you. We include single hosting account backups as standard. R1Soft Restore/Backups.